3 Major Types of Forex market Analysis

3 Types of Forex Market Analysis: The Definitive Guide | ForexSpringBoard

There are multiple ways to analyze the Forex market so that you can easily find potential entries. There are many complicated ways to analyze the Forex market, but a trader should keep their analyzing method simple so that they easily discover potential entries. Forex traders usually use 3 types of analysis to understand the movement and trend of the market. They usually use one or a combination of the Forex analysis method which matches their personality and trading style. In this article, we are going to discuss the 3 most popular ways to analyze the Forex market. They are Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, and Sentimental analysis. We also going to explore how these analyses can shape your trading strategy. You may find a suitable type of analysis style which will improve your trading career.

The Three Most Common Types of Market Analysis:

Fundamental Analysis

In the Forex market, the value of a currency pair fluctuates because of the interest rate and you can see a huge impact on the market whenever any announcement about any country’s interest rate is published. There are some other fundamental factors like domestic product, inflation, cot report, economic growth, job vacancies, house rents, international threat, and many more. This news is not that much important but how they affect a country’s interest rate that is the main concern. Traders should always keep up to date with this kind of announcement and should able to predict how this announcement can affect the interest rate in the future. 

Many websites can assist you to keep up to date with this type of fundamental announcement and how they could affect the market. Every month there is an economic calendar publishes by which you may keep an eye on the upcoming events and can be prepared for the changes in the market. You can find an economic calendar on a different website, you should just select your preferred one. 

Technical Analysis

Whenever you open a Forex market you will find out lots of patterns of price history by which you can find higher high, higher low, support, and resistance and by the help of these things, you may easily enter or exit a trade. Because of this, it is one of the most popular analyzing styles around all Forex traders. We all know Forex is the biggest market across the globe and its liquidity is very high, as a result, it gives you hints about the hidden supply and demand level. You can also found which currency is trending strongly by exploring the chart pattern of multiple currency pairs. Feel free to join here and read the post of the elite traders to enhance your knowledge.

On the other hand, you will find several indicators and tools which will help you with finding the trend and can also predict which might be the next support of the resistance. These tools make your technical analysis simple so you might not need to do any calculations yourself.

Sentimental Analysis

Sentimental analysis is another popular form of analysis among traders. When you find out that sentiment is going high in one direction this means a major number of traders had already committed to that position. If, in a currency pair, you found out it is overbought or oversold then they will become the future supplier of a seller or buyer. We know that they are going to close their trades eventually and will go to find other opportunities. The cot report is a very important report which can be considered as a tool for sentimental analysis gives an idea about market sentiment and how the market can react.

Which type of analysis is more effective for the Forex market is still the most debated topic. No one can give you the right answer. There are lots of traders who use a combination of these three types of analysis and some use all types of analysis to identify potential opportunities. You should use all three and find a better combination for you and be a master of analysis.