A Comfortable Back Chair with a Neck Support

Gesture Ergonomic Office & Desk Chair - Steelcase

It has been a while since all of us have been stuck at home working online, trying to stay safe with the ongoing pandemic. With our homes turning into our workstations, it is very important to try and incorporate some perks like an ergonomic chair with neck support into our lives to keep things lively and fun.

We all have experienced neck and back pains while working for long hours with no solution to the problem, leading to decreased efficacy be it all night studying or some big project at work or simply gaming for an unhealthy amount of time.

Even if we can’t fix our bad postures or taxing work requirements overnight, we can make it relatively healthy by choosing our work chair with care and might prevent severe chronic diseases like cervical problems later in our lives with this simple gesture.

Other than having neck problems, our obvious bad posture also leads to back pain and muscle soreness which can also be corrected by using a proper chair with support to help you work for an extended period. 

Chairs to choose from:

MyoChair:  This chair is mainly an office chair and thus comprises features helpful in working long hours, like a comfortable headrest and a retractable footrest to stretch your legs for times you need to take a break but don’t have enough time to go outside for long. This chair provides neck support no matter what position you’re in and also comes at a pocket-friendly price. Other than being packed with features, its only drawback is that it supports up to 250 lbs.

ErgoChair2:  This chair is capable of supporting up to 350 lbs. It is considered one of the best chairs for neck pain available in the market nowadays. It supports the entire body, irrespective of the sitting position. This chair comes with fully customizable settings and is highly durable leading to a better user’s experience. This chair is so advanced that it might take a while before you get used to using all the customizable features for best comfort.

GM Seating White Leather:  Other than being perfect to tackle neck problems, it also comes with an adjustable height headrest, allowing users to adjust the height and angle according to their preferences. The seat is also adjustable with the latest sliding mechanism which incorporates a tilt tension locker.

Deciding on what chair to buy:

  • If we talk about the options available in the market, the choices are immense. But to get a chair most suited to your needs, it’s advisable to go through the features of the models that you do like. 
  • No matter what chair to decide to get, be sure to look for neck support in the chair, as this is important to maintain a good posture while working for longer time intervals.
  • Lastly, decide on a budget for your chair and compare the prices on reliable sites before ordering the final product to get your value for money.