Coronavirus: AIIMS Director bursts biggest myths about non-veg food, hot weather

New Delhi: Coronavirus is an infection that spreads mainly from person-to-person and consumption of non-vegetarian food or eggs does not cause the infection, according to Director, AIIMS, Delhi, Dr Randeep Guleria.

“As common healthcare precaution, all kinds of meat should be thoroughly washed and properly cooked,” said the AIIMS Director.

He sought to dismiss claims that the intensity of COVID-19 would taper down and ultimately vanish with temperatures going up. “The impact of the virus is as serious in hot-humid weather conditions of Singapore as in the colder environment of European countries,” he said.

Dr Guleria said if a coronavirus-affected individual lives in a residential society, the other members living in the society would not, in all likelihood, get affected as long as they don’t get in touch with the affected individual.

The AIIMS Director also said that consumption of clove (laung) and other herbs does not offer any guarantee against the coronavirus infection. “Nor can alcohol consumption pre-empt coronavirus spread,” he said.

The AIIMS Director advised people to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently with soap to avoid corona infection. “One can also use sanitizers in case you don’t have a soap,” he said.

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