Coronavirus In India: ‘Bankrupt leadership’ of Congress opposing every govt measure in fighting coronavirus: BJP

NEW DELHI: The “bankrupt leadership” of the Congress is opposing every measure of the central government in fighting the coronavirus, the BJP said on Friday, asserting that nobody except “Rahul Gandhi and his gang” is against what Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing to deal with the pandemic.

Senior BJP leader and Union minister Prakash Javadekar said the entire country is together in fighting the coronavirus but the Congress is busy “fighting” Modi and the government.

All sections of society; the poor, government employees or others, are with Modi in fighting COVID-19 unitedly, and the country has managed to do a much better job than other countries.

“But there is this bankrupt leadership of the Congress which opposes every move of the government every day. Let the Congress understand the pulse and mood of the nation… Nobody is opposing the government except Rahul Gandhi and his gang,” he said.

The former Congress president had earlier in the day hit out at the government for its decision to freeze inflation-linked dearness allowance for its employees.

Noting that it was “insensitive and inhumane” to do so, he said instead of “hurting” the middle-class employees and pensioners, the government should shelve bullet train and Central Vista redevelopment projects to save money for the coronavirus fight.

Javadekar said people fully understand what the government has been doing to combat the pandemic and back it.

“People are with the government. There is anger among them with the Congress. The opposition party will have to answer one day that when the entire country was together in fighting the virus why it stood in opposition,” he said.

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