India’s power consumption shrinks 9.24% at 100.13 BU in March

New Delhi: India’s power consumption fell 9.24 per cent to 100.13 billion units in March compared to 110.32 billion units in the year-ago period mainly on account of lower commercial and industrial demand due to the lockdown imposed to fight COVID-19. According to the National Load Dispatch Centre Data, the energy consumption stood at 100.13 billion units (BU) in March as compared to 110.32 BU a year ago.

The data also showed that during March 22-31, the power demand remained quite low as compared to March 1-21 period.

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, the government has imposed lockdown for three weeks from March 25.

India’s peak power demand (met) was recorded at 170.17 GW on March 3 during the three-week period (till March 21) without COVID-19 impact on consumption. During the remaining ten days of the month, the peak power demand was 145.49 GW on March 23.

Therefore, the data suggests that the peak power demand met fell by about 25GW or 17 per cent.

However, during the last ten days of March, the peak power demand was also at a level of 115.23 GW on March 27. During the first three weeks of the month, the peak power demand met hovered at around 160GW.

The peak power demand met is the actual highest energy supply during the day across the country.

The spot power price touched a three-year low of 60 paise per unit for supplies on last Wednesday (March 25) on the Indian Energy Exchange due to low demand.

The average spot power price is hovering around Rs 2 per unit at electricity exchanges. Peak power demand met was 168.7 GW in March 2019.

An industry expert said that the power demand is likely to be on the lower side during the lockdown till April 14 due to lower commercial as well as industrial demand of electricity.

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