kuwait: Kuwait joins Saudi-Qatar-Oman to reject anti-India propaganda

NEW DELHI: Kuwait, after Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have, rejected attempts to spoil ties with India through ‘foreign sponsored’ social media handles and posts.

The Kuwaiti government’s move won praises from Delhi. In response to media queries, the official spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said, “We have seen certain references to India in non-official social media handles in Kuwait. The Government of Kuwait has assured us that they are deeply committed to friendly relations with India. They also do not support any interference in the internal affairs of India,” MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said.

Recently on the request of Kuwait, India recently deployed a Rapid Response Team there to assist the country in its fight against corona virus. During its two week stay in Kuwait, the team rendered valuable medical assistance in testing and treatment of afflicted persons and training their personnel.

“It is therefore important that friendly and cooperative nature of our relations is accurately recognised and misuse of social media is not given credence,” spokesperson emphasised. The historical basis of India-Kuwait ties was also pointed out by Kuwaits Envoy to India.

Earlier, Ambassador of India to Qatar tweeted, “It is clear that fake identities are being used by forces inimical to India, to create divisions within our community. Please understand the reality and do not get swayed by these malicious attempts to sow discord. Our focus right now needs to be on COVID-19.”

An anti-India tweet by a member of the Omani Royalty, which later turned out to originating from a fake handle, symbolises a growing trend in the Gulf where numerous such accounts are existing with an aim to create a wedge between the region and Delhi.

A fake tweet was circulated quoting Mona bint Fahad Assistant Vice Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University for International relations. and daughter of Oman’s Deputy PM Sayyid Fahd that if Indian government does not stop persecution of Indian Muslims then one million Indians in Oman may be expelled. The tweet was from a handle @SayyidaMona.

ET has reliably learnt that no such twitter handle exists representing Mona bint Fahad. She also clarified the same. “Friends, First of all I thank you for your concern to verify the offensive post published through an account impersonating me, which you are sure that I have no connection with it. With full trust in all of you in strengthening awareness among all regarding such activities, which are not acceptable to the Omani society, I confirm again that my presence in social media is restricted on the following accounts: @hhmonaalsaid and @MonaFahad 13,” Mona bint Fahd said in a statement.

ET has reliably learnt that such fake twitter handles have sprung up across the Gulf allegedly at the behest of a foreign security agency with an aim to drive wedge between India and the region and their growing strategic partnership including during the current crisis.

Indian Ambassador to Oman Manu Mahawar had tweeted, “I thank HH @MonaFahad13 for clarification on fake social media posts attributed to her. India values its friendly relations with Oman and will continue working closely with the Government and people of Oman to further strengthen our special relationship.”

“The friendly relations between India and Oman are underpinned by our shared values of tolerance and pluralism. Let us all commit to maintaining unity and social harmony at this critical juncture. As PM @narendramodi said: We are in this together. In these challenging times, it is important that we stay focused and united in our fight against COVID-19, and not get distracted by fake news on social media with malicious intention,” the Embassy in Muscat had tweeted.

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