Maharashtra to stamp left hand of coronavirus suspect people who are under home quarantine

Maharashtra government has decided that all people undergoing ‘home quarantine’ for suspected exposure to the coronavirus will be stamped on the left hand. The state government said that the left hand of all persons under home quarantine will be stamped to identify them easily if they mingle with the general public.

The unprecedented announcement comes as the coronavirus cases in the state rises to 39 – highest in India – on Monday. In an official release, the government described the decision as a precautionary measure.

Greater Mumbai’s Municipal Commissioner Pravin Pardeshi has issued an order to all officials at hospitals and the airport, asking them to ‘stamp’ behind the left palm of the home quarantined person concerned, the dates of isolation, with ink that would last for 14 days.

Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray also appealed that those who have been advised home quarantine must voluntarily refrain from stepping out in public to prevent any risk to others.

As per protocol, people arriving from coronavirus- affected regions are being put under home quarantine as a precautionary measure while their samples are sent for tests.

In a separate decision, the state government has also made it a punishable offence if any person attempts to evade the compulsory quarantine, or breaks ‘home quarantine’ and would forcibly move such person to a government isolation facility.

(Inputs from PTI & IANS)

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