Passengers flouting rules of quarantine to face action

New Delhi: Passengers coming from Covid-19 affected countries and undergoing home quarantine run the risk of facing penal action in case they flout the rules. The government is also contemplating the possibility of stamping the passengers having undergone home quarantine, as it came out with the standard operating procedures (SoPs) for airport authorities to handle passengers arriving at the airport.

“The passengers would be screened and those without any risk factors would be sent for home quarantine after providing them with their passports, the Home Quarantine Advisory and collecting a declaration from them, to remain strictly under Home Quarantine, or else face penal action, as per the rules. The possibility of stamping the passengers, as done in Maharashtra, with Home Quarantine stamps would be explored,” it said.

A five-member “escort team” headed by a CISF officer along with representatives of DIAL, airlines and Delhi police will be formed to ensure smooth screening of passengers at the airports.

With India imposing mass screening of passengers at the airports and to make sure that passengers don’t have to face long queues, the government on Wednesday asked the airport authorities to form a round-the-clock five-member “escort team”. The team will have to make sure that “the passports are not handed over to passengers at any cost,” it said.

It asked the airport authorities to stagger the arrival of flights from Covid-19 affected countries so as to maintain control the flow of passengers for the screening.

The passengers will have to be escorted by the airline staff to the health counters for initial thermal screening, from where the symptomatic passengers would be isolated and moved to designated hospital.

After screening, the asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to move to the designated immigration counters with their passports and the copy of the self-reporting forms (SRFs). The airline staff will ensure that the arriving passengers have filled their SRFs properly, it said.

To ensure smooth functioning, it also said that symptomatic passengers, in batches of 30, will be handed over to the escort team. The passports of these passengers would be handed over by the immigration staff to CISF officer. “The passports shall not be handed over to passengers at any cost,” it said.

The team along with the passengers shall move to the designated triage area manned by Delhi government officials.

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