Residence permits for medical treatment: this is how it works

Not just a traditional residence Visa Italy. According to current regulations, it is possible to enter another state also for other reasons, among these there is the sanitary purpose. More simply, foreign citizens can apply for an entry for “medical treatment”. What needs to be done is to submit a request to the Italian diplomatic or consular representation in your country. The application can be submitted by the interested party or by a family member or other representative. If the 8 days of admission are to be exceeded, it is necessary to request a specific residence permit from the police headquarters of the place where medical treatment will take place. The medical treatment permit is renewable for the duration of the treatment.


For this particular procedure, as for other similar issues, specific documents are required to be presented for recognition. First of all, a declaration of the chosen health facility (public or private) is needed. The following must be indicated: type of treatment, starting date and expected duration of treatment The application must also include a certificate of the deposit of a deposit, paid to the chosen structure (equal to 30% of the total cost of the services). Then there is the health certification, certifying the pathology of the applicant in compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data.

 The same goes for the certification issued abroad which must be accompanied by an Italian translation. Obviously, additional documents are needed to demonstrate the availability in Italy of resources to pay for health costs, food and lodging outside the structure for the assisted person and for any accompanying person (bank guarantee is allowed). To obtain this recognition, documents must also be shown that demonstrate the availability of sufficient resources for the return trip for the client and for any accompanying person. Remember that Italian translations must be attached to documents issued abroad.


The residence permit for medical treatment can also be requested (and therefore issued) to foreign women without documents who are pregnant. Permits must be requested directly from the competent police headquarters. Obviously you need to show a medical certificate with the expected date of delivery. This permit is valid for six months until birth, renewable for the first six months of the child’s life. Finally, remember that the father of the child also has the right to a residence permit.