TCS to power Israel’s first fully digital bank

India’s largest software services firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will launch Israel’s first fully digital bank in what is being seen as a trans-formative initiative that can impact the business model of other sectors as well.

TCS was selected by Israel’s Ministry of Finance to transform its banking sector by building a banking service bureau that would serve as a shared, plug-and-play, digital banking operations platform – powered by the TCS BaNCS Global Banking Platform – to help start-up banks launch their operations very quickly, the company said in a press release.

“This initiative is seen as a bid to boost competition in the financial services sector, spark greater innovation and enhance customer experience by democratising access to banking in Israel by making financial services accessible to the consumer,” the release said.

“It will serve as an online financial superstore through which an ecosystem of providers of services and products, such as insurance and credit cards, can reach out to the new generation of digital natives,” it added.

The yet to be named digital bank is the first to receive a banking license in Israel in over 40 years and is to be launched in 2021. The fully digital bank will have no physical branches and will provide Israeli citizens with all the services that regular brick and mortar banks offer, including credit, deposits, loans, account management, securities trading and processing.

The new bank will also have access to all of Bank of Israel’s liquidity tools and various payment systems.

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