West Bengal becomes fastest growing market for Dhara edible oil amid lockdown

KOLKATA: West Bengal has emerged as the fastest growing market for Dhara as the leading edible oil brand was able to sustain supplies and thereby ensure availability even during the challenging Covid lockdown in April throughout the country.

Consumers in West Bengal preferred Kachi Ghani Mustard oil followed by Refined Soybean oil over other variants during the period. Dhara in West Bengal primarily operates in categories like Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Soybean Oil and Refined Rice Bran Oil.

While Kachi Ghani Mustard oil sales grew by over 215 per cent in April over the same month last year, Refined Soybean Oil grew by over 245 per cent in April, largely due to spike in consumer pack sales of up to 5 Litres.

Overall, Dhara sales in the state grew by over 150 per cent year on year despite the hurdles of lockdown and retail operations.

Speaking about the growth of the brand, Mr. Dinesh Agarwal, Business Head – Dhara said, “Our teams have worked relentlessly to ensure a seamless supply chain so that our trade partners are well stocked. The lockdown has been a day on day challenge but yet showed us an opportunity to seize upon. Our trade partners too strived their best to ensure consumers don’t face any challenge. Testament to the fact is our channels have made direct home deliveries on 2 wheelers, set up temporary kiosks, placed products on innovative channels like vegetable vendors to ensure supply continuity to varied selling points.”

Dhara covers a retail universe of 26,000 stores in West Bengal but with lockdown limitation, the teams took the challenge to service areas wherein the consumers were facing difficulties. Dhara has already dispatched more than 70 trucks loads of consignments with variants across the state of Bengal to ensure timely deliveries and stocks to the last mile. The consignments travel from as far as Alwar in Rajasthan to ensure supplies.

West Bengal contributes around 10 per cent of the total business for Dhara. The edible oil major recorded a growth of 14 per cent in the recently ended fiscal year of 19-20 with overall turnover of Rs 1,700 crore.

Vowing its supply commitment, Mr Agarwal further added, “We were able to tide over because of meticulous planning and ensuring supply chain is largely functional to service markets. While there were initial hiccups of manpower availability; the Company made sure its network of distributors and CFA are well stocked to face any situation.”

In addition, over 80 sub-stockist are also fully operational to ensure seamless supply chain. Kolkata’s largest wholesale Posta market is well stocked with Dhara’s range to serve retail outlets. The company through its network has also ensured supplies to modern retail chains in areas of their presence.

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