5 Red Flags to Lookout For When Choosing a Website Builder

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In today’s business world, the first engagement or pivotal point for doing business with your customer is a website; therefore, it becomes imperative for any business to have a website that is not only pleasing in the eyes of customers but also is easy to navigate, highly secure and convenient to use.

Earlier, building a website was a complex process as it required coding knowledge and technical know-how. However, now it’s not that complex anymore as modern website builders allow accessible website building with limited technical knowledge, further assisting in creating and managing a professional-looking website.

So, you are planning to create your online presence. In that case, your first smart choice should be an online website builder, as they are typically priced between $10 to $50 monthly, usually including web hosting and domain registration

Therefore, buying a domain name and hosting within the same integrated platform is advisable.

What are the 5 red flags to look for while choosing a website builder?

  1. Limited Payment option

The best website builder should allow multiple payment options, giving their customer a choice for choosing their preferred payment mode. 

With multiple payment choices such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, UPI, and bank transfer options, businesses can create trust within their customer.

It also further allows a smooth checkout process, building a broader audience and creating more customers with preferred and specific payment methods. It also ensures that customers have an enhanced overall shopping experience as the website becomes more user-friendly and customer-centric. 

Therefore, if a webpage builder provider limits your payment option, it’s a big no-no.

  1. Not Connecting with Social Media

Social media integration is a must-have, as social media pages are a powerful catalyst for creating your online presence. Social media pages are the backbone that helps in brand promotions and customer engagement, connecting your website with a vast and diverse audience. 

With proper use of social media, businesses can share their brand and product updates, create emotional brand value and use it as a dynamic tool to drive traffic to the website. So, if your website doesn’t allow the same, it’s a big no!

  1. Not able to Integrate promotion and offers

A good deal is an attractive point, especially during the festive season; therefore, your website builder must allow you to create and manage promo codes and offers. 

So, build a website with this feature integrated, allowing you to drive traffic with attractive offers. 

  1. Restricting the number of products

Your website builder should not limit the number of products you can list, as it is the worst way to restrict your business potential and eliminate growth opportunities. 

Therefore, opting for a website that allows unlimited listing and selling of any products you want is essential. Irrespective of whether you have or do not have products to be listed, your choice for unlimited should not be restricted by the website builder.

  1. Not Mobile Optimised

A very large number of people prefer mobile browsing; therefore, your website must be mobile-responsive. 

A good mobile-optimised website makes sure that the website looks and functions smoothly on small screens, giving a positive user experience to its customers, boosting conversion rates, and limiting bounce rates.


Therefore, choosing the right website builder is crucial as it dramatically affects your long-term online presence. 

So evaluate all the 5 red flags and choose a website builder that aligns precisely with your business needs.

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