All About SWTOR –Star Wars: The Old Republic

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SWTOR is a free-to-play game that anyone can enjoy without playing up to level 60. One can enjoy the original storyline as well as the planetary storyline along with different lores with digital expansions. This includes The Rise Of The Hutta Cartel —a criminal organization comprised of loosely tied criminals and gangsters ruled by various Hutt crime family mafiosos. There are a vast number of quests that one can undertake and have fun playing regardless of one’s chosen species or classes. The game is definitely worth playing with its incredible storyline with Swtor credits, various quests, interesting characters, and great fighting styles and abilities. 


While most players usually start at level 1, people can also apart at level 60. One can get subscribers or buy the opportunity from the Cartel market to start at level 60 or 65. This is referred to as using the outlander token. One will have to then start from the Knights Of The Fallen Empire. The advantage of this is that one will be able to go and do some of the quests from earlier levels. It includes planetary quests, bonus series quests, and flash point quests. But the disadvantage is that one can’t do all of them. These tokens cannot allow one to complete any class quests from earlier levels. And they also cannot complete The Rise Of The Hutta Cartel or Shadow Of Revan Expansion, even though they can go back and start certain later planets. This also locks out any and all achievements and titles related to these quests. 

Starting Planet:

Each class starts from a different planet. There were four starter planets where two classes each begin on. Each character gains some initial explosion from an NPC and is sent forth to complete their first mission on their starter planet. Once the player has completed the initial story on the starter planet, they are sent to the main space station, from where they will continue their future quests and adventures further into the galaxy. 

  • The Jedi Consulates and the Jedi Knight Classes from the Galactic Republic start from the planet of Tython.
  • The Smugglers and troopers also from the Galactic Republic start from the planet Ord Mantell. 
  • The Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior, both from the Sith Empire, start from the planet Korriban.
  • The Classes of Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent from the Sith Empire Fraction start from NalHutta or simply Hutta.

Not only does each class start from different planets eso gold each fraction starts from different stations as well.

  • The Sith Empire Fraction starts their journey away from their home planet from VaikenSpacedock.
  • The Galactic Republic Fraction starts their journey away from their starter planet from the Carrick Station.