Benefits of having a .blog domain

Should I Buy a .blog Domain? How To Get a .blog Domain Name

A new TLD,.blog, may raise a different question: What is a Top-level domains? The part of a domain name to the right of the final “dot” is the top-level domain. Originally, there were,.org,.net,.edu,.gov,.mil. However, top-level domains have grown with the Internet. After ICANN opened the system in the early 2000s, new TLDs appeared. ICANN introduced generic TLDs in 2012. (gTLD). Companies can bid on generic extensions,.host,

A .blog domain was a domain whose time had come since the internet saw many users solely putting their efforts for a blog and for them a .com did not make sense. Obviously because the .com domain caters to a different audience per se. However, with a .blog you can be at the liberty to discuss things more out of the commercial realm. This attracted the individuals on the internet with a lot of information. .Blog has several benefits. This article just elucidates them one by one. So if you are looking forward to know, here goes. 

1. Positioning

Blogs can boost website rankings. First, Google favours dynamic pages over static ones. Each blog post is a chance to improve Google’s neural networks’ rankings. That’s why you should include SEO strategies like using the most searched keywords and link building in every blog post. With .blog as a domain, you can position your blog for a specific niche and carry your marketing tactics to enhance your blog without any hiccups.

Google gives you higher rankings if your articles are appealing and people regularly read, comment, and share them. This makes your site more likely to appear at the top of search results.

2. It’s a vast frontier with countless realms

It’s hard to locate a domain with over 120 million taken. It’s quite tough to get a domain name that isn’t clunky like “” Most nice two-word combinations are taken nowadays. Not is new, many single-word domains are valuable. “” and “” were still available when this article was created.

Importantly, Automattic is demanding hefty amounts for some of these great one-word names. If you’re flexible, you can find a terrific one-word domain for cheap.

3. is easy

Blog domains offer several great branding options for bloggers. is now “” Your logo and name remain, but your domain is shorter and easier to remember. For years, several sites have done this with other TLDs. Genius utilises “,” while Anchor Hosting altered from “” to “” for better memorization.

4. Selecting .BLOG doesn’t affect SEO

Domains, whether new top-level domain extensions would damage SEO results is a major concern. Google claims otherwise. “New gTLDs are treated the same as other gTLDs (” by Google. Using over won’t impact SEO. One catch. TLD keywords don’t affect rankings. Google would not match “” to “weight loss blog.” This was a major concern ten years ago, but Google has made exact match keyword domains less crucial.

5. It helps build a community

Writing about your niche helps customers by answering questions, presenting news, and offering advice. If you write quality blog posts that meet your readers’ needs, you’ll build a community that will read you regularly and make it easier to sell your products and services. That is the power of .blog as a domain. 

If you allow comments, you can directly interact with customers and readers and learn what they think, what they need, and how they feel. In short, a blog helps you build a community.


We are hoping that you have understood the benefits of having a .blog domain. If you are going for domain name registration of this domain any time soon, we hope you deal with a reliable provider who can understand your needs.  Till then, please keep reading our blogs. Happy reading!

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