Can coronavirus spread through newspapers?

New Delhi: There is growing scientific evidence that newspapers are safe, and that there’s really no risk of catching an infection from them.

The International News Media Association (INMA), an influential body that globally promotes best practices for news media, has collected current scientific research on the safety of newspapers that clearly demonstrates these are safe.

A post ( on the INMA site makes the following key points.

First, there’s been no instance of Covid-19 transmission through newsprint anywhere in the world.

Second, research on virus transmission to inanimate surfaces suggests porous surfaces carry the lowest potency for the shortest period of time. Newsprint is extremely porous.

Here’s how George Lomonossoff, a renowned klik disini virologist in the UK’s John Innes Centre, explains the third point: “Newspapers are pretty sterile because of the way they are printed and the process they’ve been through. Traditionally, people have eaten fish and chips out of them for that very reason. All of the ink and the print makes them quite sterile.”

Adding to this scientific evidence is the automated and hygienic process followed by major publishers while printing newspapers. Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd, which publishes ET, has already put out videos of its automated process, and listed precautionary measures being taken along the delivery chain.

Newspapers are absolutely safe. And in challenging times such as these, absolutely vital as sources of unbiased, fact-checked news and high-quality, objective commentary.

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