Centre begins district-wise mapping of Covid-19 curve

New Delhi: The Centre has started district-wise mapping of the spread, spike and containment curve of Covid-19 — a move that would help the government devise an informed exit strategy from the nationwide lockdown.

A district-wise demarcation — colour-coded red, yellow/orange or green —on the basis of the number of cases and week-by-week virus trajectory is being done through a fresh survey with the help of district collectors and IAS officers on the ground.

It is learnt that the Prime Minister’s Office and the Department of Personnel & Training sent a detailed questionnaire, an informal survey, to all the district collectors on April 10-11. The questions were based on the inputs received from the empowered group on health. Most officers have already replied. The findings of the survey will be submitted to the prime minister on April 13 so that he can take an informed view on lockdown, officials said.

The collectors have been asked to indicate the colour code — green, yellow or red — for their respective districts. Red zone indicates high number of cases. They are also expected to convey whether there is a shift in the colour code. Assessments so far indicate that most districts are moving from green to red.

Only about 7-8 districts are learnt to be making the downward shift — from red to green. The Centre is also interested in knowing the measures — lockdown, isolation, quarantine, medical facilities, supply of essential goods — being taken to contain the pandemic. Steps being taken at village and panchayat levels are to be shared by collectors with the Centre.

The survey aims to assess whether the steps taken by the government, especially for the migrant labourers and underprivileged, are being implemented fully or not.

District collectors have been asked to inform on distribution of free ration, gas cylinders under Ujjwala, direct cash deposit of Rs 500 in the bank accounts of the migrants, etc.

The move to seek district-level information began after the prime minister on Friday held an hour-long review of the national feedback survey on Covid-19 — conducted with district collectors within the first five days of the lockdown.

The feedback had pointed out serious gaps in the health infrastructure and facilities at the district levels, as reported by ET on April 3.

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