Coronavirus outbreak: Shades of green in a pool of red

Even as the cases of novel coronavirus continue to rise in India — in some places more than others — quite a few districts have defi ed the spread. ET lists some of the districts where no new case has been reported in the past 14 days, the decrease in the time taken in doubling of cases, and the number of deaths being reported across the country. As India goes for a partial lifting of the lockdown, the districts in the green might be the ones that could first see a return to normalcy.

According to govt, there were 45 districts in 23 states until Apr 19 where no new case was reported in past 14 days. Some of these are:

  • West Imphal in Manipur
  • Mahe in Puducherry
  • Panipat, Rohtak, Sirsa in Haryana
  • Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand
  • Bhagalpur in Bihar
  • Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir

Six new districts were added to the list on Monday

  • Dungarpur & Pali in Rajasthan
  • Jamnagar, Morbi in Gujarat
  • North Goa
  • Gomati in Tripura

The bad news is eleven big states that have reported the maximum number of cases in the country account for all of the red zone districts. These include some of India’s prosperous states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. The central government on Monday said the Covid-19 situation was ‘especially serious’ in Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Jaipur and Kolkata

Death toll

  • On Monday, coronavirus death toll in India touched 543 while the number of infected rose to 17,615
  • The mortality rate in India is around 3.3%
  • 2,230 The number of people cured

Deaths Age-wise

  • 0-45 years 14.4%
  • 45-60 years 10.3%
  • 60-75 years 33.1%
  • Above 75 years 42.2%
  • In 83% cases, co-morbidities have been found

Doubling rate

According to the health ministry, the rate of doubling of cases is 7.5 now, compared with 3.4 pre-lockdown

Some states with doubling rate less than 20 days

  • Delhi 8.5 days
  • Telangana 9.4 days
  • Karnataka 9.2 days
  • Andhra Pradesh 10.6 days

Between 20 days and 30 days

  • Andaman & Nicobar 20.1 days
  • Himachal Pradesh 24.5 days
  • Haryana 21 days
  • Chandigarh 25.4 days

More than 30 days

  • Odisha 39.8 days
  • Kerala 72.2

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