Covid-19 Ventilators: Indian engineer develops rapidly producible Covid-19 ventilators

An Indian engineer with experience in biomedical and aerospace electronics, who had headed the digital healthcare arms of General Electric and Wipro, claims to have developed rapidly producible ventilators for Covid-19 patients meeting the global standards prescribed by developed economies.

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, who is also the lone Indian to have received US patents while being in the office as a Parliamentarian, said his firm Citadel Research and Solutions has developed cost-effective ventilators that were tested successfully by healthcare professionals on the patients.

Reddy’s firm, which had earlier sold many intellectual property rights to global giants like GE and Wipro, is now in talks with a few global and domestic healthcare equipment makers who evinced interest in the collaborative production of ventilators titled ‘ICoVent ventilators’.

Citadel produced prototype ventilators using precision air pumps for both high-end and low-end variants and has filed for patents for design and innovation, said Reddy. “These ventilators, produced using indigenous components without depending on advanced imported sensors and regulators, meet all the specifications fixed by the UK and Canadian governments as well as those of the Indian government’s empowered committee,” he told ET.

After completing the functional testing, Citadel has tested its ventilators on an imported Ventilator Testing Calibration Validation and Certification machine in the absence of any certification agency for the healthcare equipment.

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