First COVID positive patient of Meghalaya buried

Guwahati: Faced with daunting task of finding suitable place for burial of the first COVID-19 of Meghalaya who died on Wednesday, the government zeroed on place for burial and the deceased was finally laid to rest at the Riatsamthiah Prebyterian Church cemetary at Lawmali.

Meanwhile, a PIL is filed in the High Court of Meghalaya by the Meghalaya High Court Bar Association on why the body of the doctor who died of COVID-19 could not be cremated at Barapthar or buried at Nongpoh.

Meghalaya government had a tough time to identify a suitable crematorium place for the covid 19 patient who died on Wednesday. As per the WHO guidelines the government started scouting for suitable place.

Sources in state government said that it was decided that he will cremated in Jhalupara however a section of people from the locality opposed. “They feared that people of the Crematorium are not skilled enough and do not have safety gear. ”

It was decided that ashes of deceased will be kept in a coffin and buried in his farmhouse near Nongpoh in Ri Bhoi district. However there was some opposition to this from the local area and government abandoned the plan.

A senior officer in state government said, “On Thursday the family members accepted the offer of the Riathsamthiah Presbyterian Church and accordingly he was buried.”

The PIL sought to know if any action was taken against the curfew violators. PIL has pointed that quarantined people were left without food and other facilities in a hospital. And stated that state is unprepared to fight COVID.

The petitioner stated “It has come to light that the State till date has not designated any particular hospital as a dedicated COVID hospital for tackling such a pandemic. There are neither enough testing facilities in the State nor enough test kits for undertaking this primary exercise.”

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