Gauba urges DMs to have a crisis management plan

NEW DELHI: Even as the district magistrates of Mumbai, Bhilwara, Gautam Budh Nagar and Agra – the current epicentre of Covid-19 cases – disclosed their strategy to contain the pandemic, Union cabinet secretary Rajiv Gauba has urged them to come up with a crisis management plan in all districts as the number of affected districts climbed to 274 from 75.

Gauba held discussions with health ministry officials, district surveillance officers and others during which the DMs of “hotspot” districts spoke about the “proactive and ruthless approaches” adopted by them to prevent the spread of Covid-19 cases.

Bhilwara in Rajasthan, Noida, Agra in UP and Mumbai were among the districts that recorded the highest number of positive cases since the imposition of the 21-day lockdown. The health workers from these districts spoke about the standard operating procedures adopted, including delineating containment zones and buffer zones, wherever positive cases were reported.

As per the guidelines, the containment zone covers a 3 km radius while the buffer zone stretches to 7 km, based on epidemiologic investigation, for urban areas. Surveillance has been mounted in both the zones to trace any new cases or suspected illnesses, an official explained.

The contact tracing of Tablighi Jamaat workers has led to the identification and quarantining of 22,000 persons in states and Union Territories. Officials said active Covid-19 cases among TJ participants have been a setback to India’s effort to contain the spread as cases doubled on a average of 4.1 days.

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