Government responsible for terrible condition of migrant workers: Congress

NEW DELHI: Holding the government responsible for the plight of migrant workers who are walking down to their native places in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday demanded that it take concrete steps so that the situation “does not become a major tragedy”.

He also appealed to Congress workers to help such migrants by offering them food and shelter.

The government is responsible for this terrible condition. It is a big crime to bring citizens to this condition.

“Today, in the hour of crisis, our brothers and sisters should at least get respect and support. The government should take concrete steps as soon as possible so that it does not become a major tragedy,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

He said “hundreds of our starved and thirsty brothers and sisters, along with their families, are forced to walk down towards their villages”.

“If you can, please provide them with food, water, shelter to them during this arduous journey. I particularly appeal for help from Congress workers and leaders. Jai Hind,” Gandhi also tweeted in Hindi.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said when government can send planes to bring back Indians from abroad, why it cannot provide transport to send the labourers home.

“How can we as a nation just leave thousands of migrant workers to fend for themselves? There are men, women and children who are walking as far as Eastern UP and Bihar,” she said.

“We sent planes to bring citizens from Europe, why aren’t we organising transport to take the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us home,” she tweeted.

She said it is the government’s moral duty to help fellow citizens in this time of crisis.

“For God’s sake, Modi ji and Amit Shah ji please use the power you have been given to save their lives,” Priyanka Gandhi said in an appeal to the PM and Home minister.

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