Govt assures farm exporters to remove export bottlenecks

New Delhi: The government has assured exporters to bring farm exports back on track by ironing out the difficulties and hurdles exporters are facing.

Agriculture secretary Sanjay Agarwal said that the government will look into all the issues related to transportation, international freight and permission for a lower strength operation.

“We will consider issues pertaining to port, ocean freight services, courier services for necessary resolution. The Home ministry has already issued directives allowing interstate transportation of goods,” he said while addressing exporters and agri industry representatives through video conference.

The industry demand permission for low scale operation with at least 25-30% strength to fulfil export demands they have in hand. The opening up of their operation will also help them book new orders as there is great demand of food items at global market due to Covid-19.

“Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar will take up and resolve the request of industry to open for functioning and sector specific issues,” Agarwal assured.

The industry also raises several issues which are hampering the exports of agri and allied products.

“Main problems included non availability and movement of labour, inter-state transport bottlenecks, shortage of raw materials due to closure of Mandis, phyto-sanitary certification, closure of courier services thereby hampering movement of shipping documents, availability of freight services, access to ports and clearance of goods for imports/exports,” said an official who was present in the meeting, which was attended by various commodities associations and people from tractor and agri-machinery companies.

India’s agricultural and allied exports during 2018-19 were Rs. 2.73 lakh crore.

“We expect to increase exports this year as there is shortage of agri commodities at global level. People in countries- hit by coronavirus have gone into panic buying and stocking food items, which has led to gap in demand-supply. India may take advantage as this year also, it has bumper production of food grains,” an official said.

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