Hope and ‘khaki’ helped me defeat coronavirus: Delhi policeman after returning home

New Delhi: He remained hopeful in the midst of all the obstacles and thought of the ‘khaki’ he had worn all his adult life. The courage his uniform espoused helped him win against an adversary as mysterious as the coronavirus. Assistant Sub-Inspector Jeet Singh returned home on Friday, proud and confident, as his neighbours in Kalkaji showered petals on him. He said he thought of the disease like any other illness and did not submit to it.

“My message to those battling with the contagious virus is don’t be afraid. Stay positive,” said the 49-year-old.

“Treat it like any other illness and you will recover soon. Believe in God and only good things will happy to you if you think positive. Don’t take it to your heart, because that really helped me” said Singh, the first policeman from Delhi to test positive for COVID-19.

He had consulted doctors at AIIMS after he developed fever and was advised to go into quarantine. Later, he was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital.

“I was on home quarantine when I received the report on April 7. It was my son who read the report and said ‘you had tested positive for coronavirus’. My family was taken aback. But I motivated them and told them to not lose hope,” he said.

Singh told his family he will be fine and went to the hospital accompanied by his wife and son in a police vehicle.

“I was alone in a room but doctors and nurses visited multiple times a day. I faced the challenges by taking God’s name. I didn’t bother doctors unless I was under extreme difficulty because they were also attending to other patients,” he said.

The policeman said he developed a belief that he has to bounce back and resume duty.

“I was only thinking about my ‘khaki’ and eagerly waiting to join duty. I had this willpower that I will recover soon. I felt much better on April 9 (three days after being hospitalised) even though I had throat pain,” he said.

Doctors had advised him to not of think about the illness.

Singh’s wife, three sons and a daughter-in-law were also taken to hospital next he was admitted.

“However, all of them tested negative for COVID-19 since we were strictly maintaining social distancing at home,” he said. The family nonetheless remained at Rajiv Gandhi Hospital for three days.

“Even since I was on home quarantine, I isolated myself in a separate room and did not allow my family members inside the room. They would always keep food and necessary essentials at the doorstep,” he said.

Even after returning home from the hospital, the family is strictly maintaining a social distance and Singh has isolated himself in a room for another 14 days.

Asked about who played the most critical role in his recovery, he said, “Doctors and nurses and the safai karamcharis. They are like God.”

“They were always there with soap, hand wash, medicines, food and water. They would come in every hour to check on me. They have taken care of us. Today, if I’m healthy, it’s only because of them.”

While he was in hospital, his seniors and colleagues would keep a tab on his health.

“Kalkaji SHO Sandeep Ghai would call up daily, motivate me and encourage me.

“Farsh Bazar SHO A K Singh has taken care of my family like his own. My colleagues and seniors were always there for me and my children,” he said with gratitude.

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