Indian Railways reaches out to e-commerce firms, local cos for supplying essentials via special freight trains

New Delhi: The Indian Railways is reaching out to e-commerce companies, local industries, among other organisations for providing on-demand parcel train services in a bid to ensure unhindered supply of essential commodities through the country.

Local industries, e-commerce companies, any interested groups, organizations, individuals and prospective loaders can also contact Railway officials at zonal level, contact details of Railway officials at various stations have also been circulated and made available so that anyone can contact to load the parcel, the railway ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

“Zonal Railways are reaching out prospective clients through various modes of communication including advertisements,” the statement said.

While the National transporter has halted passenger train operations in the wake of a nationwide lockdown to tackle the spread of Covid-19, freight trains are running as usual.

While these freight operations of Railways are meeting the needs of bulk transportation of essential goods like foodgrains, edible oil, salt, sugar, coal, cement, milk, vegetables & fruits etc, parcel trains are transporting various items that need to be delivered in comparatively smaller quantities, the ministry said.

So far, Indian Railways has loaded 30 Special Parcel Trains to various destinations all over the country, and is identifying more routes for such trains.

The special Parcel Services of Indian Railways are running as per the time table, with predefined scheduled stoppages, the ministry said.

Meanwhile the national transporter has delivered 7195 wagons of Food grains, 64567 wagons of coal, 3314 wagons of steel and 3838 wagons of petroleum, during the last three days A total of 143458 wagons of freight were loaded in the last three days, the ministry said in a separate communication.

“Indian Railways has maintained its freight corridors fully functional inspite of the COVID 19 lockdown and has been successful in meeting the needs of both the households sector and industry,” the statement said.

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