India’s fight against Covid-19 is people-driven: PM Modi

Terming India’s fight against Covid-19 as people-driven, PM Modi expressed gratitude towards countrymen for their role in collectively putting up a brave fight against the crisis.

Addressing the nation through his Mann ki Baat radio programme, PM Modi said that the world will take note of India’s people-driven fight against Covid-19 as entire country is fighting in unison against the pandemic.

He said that the various departments in states and at the Centre have been working like a team against the pandemic. He lauded the efforts being put by aviation and railways in providing essential items including medicines acroos the country.

Under Lifeline Udan, flights have covered 3 lakh km to deliver more than 500 tonnes of medicines across the country. Similarly, Railways is running more than 100 parcel trains to provide medicines.

Stressing the importance of taking basic precautionary measures like wearing masks and social distancing, PM Modi said that the crisis is an opportunity to let go of certain bad habits.

The Prime Minister said that the Covid Warrior platform has brought volunteers, civil society members and local administration on one platform. In a short span 1.25 crore have become a part of it.

Prime Minister Modi said that the crisis has made us more sensitive to the role played by those who remained unnoticed so far. We have started recognising the incredible work being done by Police personnel, sanitation workers and others, PM Modi added.

On India supplying medicines to nations that are worst-hit, PM Modi said that those countries have thanked India for its role during the pandemic.

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