ITC developing business continuity plan amidst coronavirus outbreak

ITC Ltd is developing a business continuity plan to address any potential contingencies and allowing employees to work from home, while it has barred the entry of visitors to its offices in wake of the Coronavirus outbreak in India. The cigarette-FMCG-tobacco giant has set up core contingency management team for all its businesses.

ITC’s head of corporate human resources Amitav Mukherji said the business continuity plans are being put in place to address any potential contingencies and for social distancing.

“We are continuously monitoring the situation across all locations and are moving towards a state of preparedness to address any exigency as the health and safety of our entire workforce, including salesmen and factory workers, is of paramount importance,” said Mukherji. The company has also asked its offices in some locations to put in place and execute contingency plans at the earliest including work-from-home arrangements.

“Teleconferencing and video conferencing are being encouraged as much as possible. Entry of external visitors who are not employees of ITC will not be permitted as a measure of caution,” said Mukherji.

ITC has issued a travel advisory under which no international travel is permitted for official reason till further notice and domestic travel is being limited to essential travel. The company has sent out communications to all employees providing details of the preventive measures that need to be taken as per the WHO guidelines.

“Preventive measures are founded primarily on social distancing, personal hygiene, workplace and home hygiene and in the event of associated symptoms quarantining one-self and consulting a doctor at the earliest. A travel advisory has been issued. Savlon hand rub dispensers have been made available in prominent places around the workplace,” said Mukherji.

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