More than 29 per cent of India’s cases can be attributed to Nizamuddin cluster: Lav Agarwal

More than 29 per cent of India’s overall cases can be attributed to the congregation held in mid-March in Nizamuddin, Delhi, said Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary Health Ministry in a daily press briefing. Laying out this figure, he underlined the need for strict adherence to social-distancing norms and how flouting of government mandated measures can have countrywide consequences.

Out of total 14378 cases, 4291 (29.8%) cases are related to Nizamuddin Markaz cluster from single source. 84% cases in Tamil Nadu, 63% cases in Delhi, 79% cases in Telangana, 59% cases in Uttar Pradesh & 61% in Andhra Pradesh are related to the event, added Agarwal.

1,992 people across the country have been cured, overall cure percentage is around 13.85%, added Agarwal. The ministry official also reiterated the difference between the RT PCR test and the rapid antibody test. Explaining further he said that the PCR test is used as the benchmark for covid-19 tests globally.

Approximately 2,100 foreigners had visited India for Tabligh activities. While 824 of them, as on 21 March, were dispersed in different parts of the country, 216 were staying at the Markaz. Others might have left the country before the lockdown, the home ministry had cited in its report.

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