New guidelines to fight Covid-19 to be effective from May 4, districts to get considerable relaxations

The home ministry in a tweet has communicated that new guidelines to fight the coronavirus pandemic shall come into effect from May 4. The guidelines will give considerable relaxations to districts that have done well to combat the virus so far.

The decision was taken after a comprehensive review which sought to gauge the current state of the pandemic. There’ve been tremendous gains & improvement in the situation due to lockdown till now. To ensure that these gains are not squandered away, the lockdown guidelines should be strictly observed till 3rd May, read the home ministry communiqué. Country’s second phase of mandated lockdown is scheduled to end on May 3.

Earlier today, the centre announced plans to allow lakhs of migrant workers and students stranded at various places for over a month due to the nationwide lockdown to return home.

However, the home ministry stated that this has to be done through mutually-agreed terms between two states and the movement has to be carried out in sanitised buses with required social distancing.Only asymptomatic people would be allowed to travel and a second assessment of their health would be made upon their arrival in their home state.

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