Sacred Love – Love is a Lifestyle – Make Your Home a Santuary for Your Love

Sacred Love – Love is a Lifestyle – Make Your Home a Santuary for Your Love

A Home filled with Love

With all my heart and with all my soul

with all my being

I say

I love you.

I choose to respect the gift destiny has put in my life

I choose to surrender to the cosmos

and let the romance be true.

I choose to follow the light of love that we share

I choose to open to the love that is ours

and I choose to be in love with you

I choose, to see in you

a woman of truth, beautiful, wise and awakened

I choose to be here, as I am, in love

Without fear

I am, as you know, in many ways,

Not of this world, I bring you love

As only you can become, I bring you the cosmos

The heavens the truth

The love of creating, is love herself

We put our energy into everything we do. The environment in which you share your love life is one of the most important places to begin to acknowledge, that love is a priority.

Your home can celebrate love to such a degree that it keeps a relationship together during difficult challenges.

Designing your home to include the essence of romance is a vital part of creating sacred love in your home. The environment a person lives in affects their mind, their health, and their heart more than anything else in their life. An evolved individual, living amongst thieves, will eventually take on some of their energy. So our space is a vital step in creating sacred love. Here are some suggestions to improve your loving space.

1. Be in your element

Create zones in your home where work, television, cooking and sleep are separated from intimacy and romance. Have a parents only area, or put the television in a television room, not the family room, so that you, your love, and children if there are any, can sit together without the television entertaining you (distracting you).

2. Things have a voice

Be mindful of the energy carried by objects. I have seen stolen property, dead peoples ashes, old furniture that carries the suffering of an old relative, and paintings of torture placed in areas where love was meant to thrive. Antiques are wonderful, and some, even the cheap ones, carry such a wonderful charm. But if your love changes after the purchase of a object in your home, or a new painting on the wall, be aware of the fact that those objects can carry very bad energy. In our busy lives, we don’t take a lot of care about the energy carried by things. We can go out, buy something, and put it in our home without a second thought as to what energy it carries with it. However, we maybe highly affected by that energy. Everything has a story bigger than its functionality, which means things bring a certain feeling with them.

3. Love thrives where beauty is revealed.

The whole science of romance begins with the environment you create. Each of us will see the qualities of this environment differently. Sometimes, we need to consider this very carefully because when two people of different elements are living in one home, one of them can be deprived of the space in which their heart and soul can feel at home. A water person will feel completely unromantic and not comfortable in the home of a fire person. Compromise is not possible. Romance is the water element. Which means that even if you are an Etheric person who likes the cold clean lines of glass and concrete, your romance area needs to be soft and cushioned. Try to care for this romance area by keeping it lovingly. Be mindful about walking in there with shoes that have trampled the streets with all the muck. Be conscious of the preciousness of the environment, and you will be conscious of the preciousness of your love. (see later chapter on Compassion)

4. Thought travels through walls where no words can pass

Beware of people who carry with them worry, anger, and violence in allowing them to spread their feelings in your home. This home is sacred, and in spite of the fact that our homes are open to others, there are some people who wish you both harm. Often they are relatives you feel obligated to, but these meetings are best held in public places if they are not a fan.

5. Nothing affects the mind more than the environment in which it rests

Be conscious of the affect of dark news, violent television, aggressive music, and bad attitudes on the space you have created for love. I have seen some self indulged people storm through other peoples offices or homes, leaving a trail of the darkest energy behind them. They don’t care about anything other than their right to express their wrath, and certainly have no regard for the impact of it.

6. Consider carefully the energy of gifts.

I met with a lady to do a consult and she was smothered in expensive jewelry. She had broken up with her husband some 2 years before. I asked about all this jewelry and she informed me that her ex-husband kept on giving it all to her as gifts. Then she went on to say how nasty, mean and awful this man was, and that he wouldn’t leave her alone. The jewelry was his way of stamping his signature on every moment of her life. In a new relationship, discard the stamps of the past relationships. Free your energy and romance for newness. It is like putting fresh water in the vase for the same flowers.

7. Speak the truth of love in your home

Be mindful of how you speak. Words carry with them a whole other meaning. Words sit in walls, in cushions, on ceilings. A home of an angry person feels angry long after their death. The clothing of a depressed individual carries that feeling. That is why one must be so careful buying second hand goods. A cheating sales person, not only affects their own life by their theft, but the goods they sold are tainted. Your words are an opportunity to freshen up you home. Cut out talk of gossip, bad mouthing, or negative ideas of doing harm to others. Make your home a sanctuary for romantic and loving thought. Beware of those you speak to on the phone who would curse and negate you, they will bruise your home and your heart.

8. What you think about you bring about.

Books are affirmations. On the spine of every book is a message. That book speaks to your subconscious. If you have recovered from alcoholism, then, after you are done, pass the book on. Books on healing keep you healing. Surround yourself with great books, whose spine is a testimonial to the aspiration you have in life. One man I worked with read a biography every week. His main living area had the names of every great leader he respected stamped on the spine of that book. Be assured, books and their titles drive a story directly past your conscious brain, and straight into your heart. That is why my books are simple titles. They are actually working to manifest in your subconscious brain, without even reading the content.

9. The soul speaks in pictures

Photographs affect a home. Do you see in a guru, more than you see in your lovers eyes. Do you revere some statue more than the silk skin of your lovers inner arm? Instead of worshipping icons of some far off religion or faith, spend the few dollars to have a picture of your lover, your dreams, on the walls of your home. The soul speaks in pictures. Pictures of children reinforce children’s awareness of your love. But this should never over ride or supersede the picture of your beloved lover. Photographs of relatives, parents and friends also have a place, but none should crowd the space of love and intimacy, they are good decoration for the TV room.

10. Insist on respect for the sacredness of your home.

There are those who would place food on your pillow and care nothing of it. There are those who would put their feet on your photograph. There are those whose children would run out of control in your temple. You have the right to ask for and receive respect for the sacredness of your space. This is defending your territory. One lady I consulted to would receive phone calls anywhere in her home, from people of all manner of negativity. She didn’t know how to protect herself, or her home, from the intrusion of negative feelings, and as a result, could not rest in her own home.

11. Value the gifts of Ceremony.

I believe in ceremony as a vital ingredient for a loving relationship. I believe in the value of mindfulness. However, I am not a big believer in big ceremonies, mine are small everyday events. Like taking your day shoes off before entering a home. Like placing things on tables rather than throwing them. Like creating rituals around cleanliness and mindfulness around where the towel goes after a shower. Like bathing before bed, and considering others when it comes to my sox. I believe in the ritual of lighting a candle for dinner time, and turning off the television while we eat. I believe in the ceremony of picking things up, and not doing two things at once. These little ceremonies are how I create the love in my space.

12. Create an alter in your home.

In Asia, there are very few homes that do not have an alter. A place of prayer where memories of those past, tokens of love, respect for higher powers are placed. Those alters can be a simple box covered with cloth, or, in the case of some I have seen, marble covered rooms with golden statues monitored and maintained by a priest full time. It matters not what the alter cost, it matters what it means and how much respect and devotion is given to its tidiness, maintenance and care. My alter is often a small leaf I collected from the garden on my way into my home.

13. Your bed is sacred space, treasure the privacy of it.

When I stay in a friends home, and sleep in a spare bed, I can tell you a lot about the person who slept there before me. In hotels this is a disgusting reality, that people can sleep in your bed, one after the other, and you are next. Their hygiene, their thoughts, and their suffering (on the negative side) can infect that bed and that room, and invade your sleep. When you change your relationship, change your bed. Always keep linen fresh, it is a mark of the deepest self respect.

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